Three steps to protect her skin

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  凤祥平台报道,As is known to all, the female stars in the entertainment industry are famous for their good skin, and almost everyone has a special maintenance.As a very busy star, how can you make yourself busy at work while still getting a good skin, that needs a very comprehensive skin care.I don't know if you remember zhong chu xi, who attended the variety show "running 2" in the previous period, and she was impressed by her performance.As a new female star, not delicate and weak, but like a woman, dare to play a variety of games.I know Zhong Chuxi because "the youth", "youth" movie premiere, the point of rapid growth, has come under a box office before Zhong Chuxi also participated in the "obstetrics and gynecology of love" and "cook woman detective", but for Zhong Chuxi participation, maybe a lot of people have no impression, so really is "youth" let Zhong Chuxi is known.

   Recently, zhong chuxi has made a trilogy of her skin care, one is facial cleanser, the other is skin care, the third is makeup.There are three seemingly simple steps, but each step is made up of a lot of small steps, so the star is very difficult.Zhong Chuxi are standard after 90 stars, and now the Zhong Chuxi is good in that period, the body skin is in a very good kind, but small make up advice to Zhong Chuxi or more skin care, treat their own face, after all, an actor, has a beautiful face is also very important.Now, zhong chu xi has been known by many people, and in the near future, zhong will surely achieve greater success with her own efforts.

 Zhong Chuxi

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